about me

aldo spinelliwas born in Milan on 28th October 1948.

He has shown his works in 30 one-man show and in almost hundred collective ones through galleries and museums of the world.

The conceptual line of his works led him to the game’s enviroment.

About that he had several columns on newspapers (Corriere della Sera, Italia Oggi), on weekly magazines (Panorama, Corriere dei Piccoli, Il Mondo) and on monthly magazines (Capital, Linus, Brava Casa, A Tavola, Carnet, Monsieur).

He edited three encyclopaedias for Fabbri Press ( “Playing cards”, in 80 issues and “The World of Games”, in 70 issues and “Playing Cards” in 70 booklets) and published books for Rizzoli and Xenia Presses.

Since 1981 he is the creator and the supervisor of the most important boardgames companies (Hasbro, Mattel, Clementoni, Ricordi, Faro), inventing own products and adapting other games in italian language.

He projected and made promotional games for Levi’s, Zucchi, Demoskopea, Swatch, Findus, Bassetti, WWF, Camel, BNL, Omnitel, McDonald’s, Zegna, Casio, Veuve Cliquot, Waterman, Metro and GS.

Since 1983 he has a collaboration with RTSI (Swiss Italian Radio Television) and for it he realized more then a hundred programmes of quiz, puzzles, riddles, and various other games.

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